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Bessie Smith

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Bessie Smith, 1936
St. Louis Blues, 1929

De Bessie Smith (* 15. Aprui 1894 z Chattanooga, Tennessee; † 26. Septemba 1937 z Clarksdale, Mississippi) wor a amerikanische Bluessengarin.

De Smith wor in de 1920a and 1930a Joar de populeaste Bluessengarin.[1] Ia Spitznama wor Koasarin vom Blues (Empress of the Blues).

Oft wead se ois de gresste Sengarin vo iara Era ogsegn. Und zamma mitm Louis Armstrong hods an Einfluss af olle foigandn Jazz-Senga ghobt.[2]

1980 is se in de Blues Hall of Fame afgnumma worn.

Diskographie[Werkeln | Am Gwëntext werkeln]

Joar Stickln
1923: 17. Feba Down Hearted Blues
1923: 7. Aprui Ticket Agent Ease Your Window Down
1923: 21. Septemba Jailhouse Blues
1924: 4. Aprui Sorrowful Blues
1924: 23. Juli House Rent Blues
1924: 26. Septemba Weeping Willow Blues
1924: 6 . Dezemba Follow the Deal On Down
1925: 24. Jenna St. Louis Blues; Reckless Blues; You've Been a Good Ole Wagon; Sobbin' Hearted Blues; Cold In and Blues
1925: 5. Mai Cake Walking Babies; The Yellow Dog Blues
1925: 26. Mai Careless Love Blues; Nashville Woman's Blues
1925: 27. Mai I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle; J.C. Holmes Blues
1925: 18. Novemba At the Christmas Ball
1926: 18. Meaz Jazzbo Brown from Memphis Town; The Gin House Blues
1926: 4. Mai Baby Doll; Money Blues; Lost Your Head Blues
1926: 10. Oktoba One and Two Blues; Young Woman's Blues
1927: 2. Meaz Alexander's Ragtime Band; Muddy Water; After You’ve Gone; There'll Be a Hot Time In the Old Town Tonight
1927: 3. Meaz Trombone Cholly
1927: 27. Septemba Mean Old Bedbug Blues; A Good Man Is Hard to Find
1928: 20. Meaz Empty Bed Blues
1928: 24. August Poor Man's Blues
1928: 25. August Me and My Gin
1929: 8. Mai Kitchen Man
1929: 29. Mai Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
1930: 27. Meaz New Orleans Hop Scop Blues
1930: 22. Juli Black Mountain Blues
1931: 20. Novemba I Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl
1933: 24. Novemba Gimme a Pigfoot; Take Me for a Buggy Ride; Do Your Duty; I'm Down in the Dumps

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