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Charley Patton, (* 1891 ba Bolton, Mississippi, USA; † 28. Aprui 1934 z Indianola, Mississippi) wor a amerikanischa Bluesmusikant. Ea guit ois „da Voda vom Delta-Blues“.

Da Patton hod a immensn Einfluss af de Entwicklung vom Blues ghobt. Blues-Musika vo Son House, Howlin' Wolf, Tommy Johnson und Robert Johnson bis hi zu Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker und Elmore James hom af seim Stui afbaut.“[1]

Diskographie[Werkeln | Am Gwëntext werkeln]

Titl Katalognummara Vaeffentlichung Omeakung
Pony Blues/Banty Rooster Blues Paramount 12792 1929
Prayer Of Death Pt.1/Prayer Of Death Pt. 2 Paramount 12799 Pseudonym ois Elder J. Hadley
Screamin’ And Hollerin’ The Blues/Mississippi Bo Weavil Blues Paramount 12805 ztw. pseudonym ois The Masked Marvel
Down The Dirt Road Blues/It Won’t Be Long Paramount 12854
A Spoonful Blues/Shake It And Break It But Don’t Let It Fall Mama Paramount 12869
Pea Vine Blues/Tom Rushen Blues Paramount 12877
Lord I’m Discouraged/I’m Going Home Paramount 12883
High Water Everywhere Pt. 1/High Water Everywhere Pt. 2 Paramount 12909 1930
Rattlesnake Blues/Running Wild Blues Paramount 12924
Magnolia Blues/Mean Black Cat Blues Paramount 12943 1930
Mean Black Moan/Heart Like Railroad Steel Paramount 12953 1930
Green River Blues/Elder Greene Blues Paramount 12972 1930
Jesus Is A Dying-Bed Maker/I Shall Not Be Moved Paramount 12986 1930
Hammer Blues/When Your Way Gets Dark Paramount 12988 1930
Moon Going Down/Going To Move To Alabama Paramount 13014 1930
Some Happy Day/You're Gonna Need Somebody When You Die Paramount 13031
Circle Round The Moon/Devil Sent The Rain Blues Paramount 13040 1930 / 1931
Dry Well Blues/Bird Nest Bound Paramount 13070 1931
Some Summer Day Pt. 1/Jim Lee Blues Pt. 1 Paramount 13080 1931
Frankie And Albert/Some These Days I’ll Be Gone Paramount 13110 1932
Joe Kirby/Jim Lee Blues Pt. 2 Paramount 13133 1932
34 Blues/Poor Me Vocalion 02651
High Sheriff Blues/Stone Pony Blues Vocalion 02680 1934
Love My Stuff/Jersey Bull Blues Vocalion 02782 1934
Oh Death/Troubled 'Bout My Mother Vocalion 02904 Mit Bertha Lee
Hang It On The Wall/Revenue Wall Blues Vocalion 02931 1935

Weakausgob[Werkeln | Am Gwëntext werkeln]

  • Screamin’ and Hollerin’ the Blues: The World's of Charley Patton, Revenant Records No. 212, 2001, (Siebmn CDs)

Literatua[Werkeln | Am Gwëntext werkeln]

  • Stephen Calt, Gayle Wardlow: King of the Delta Blues. The Life and Music of Charlie Patton. Rock Chapel, Newton NJ 1988, ISBN 0-9618610-0-2.
  • David Evans: Charley Patton Biography. Im Begleitband zur Werkausgabe 2001, online.

Beleg[Werkeln | Am Gwëntext werkeln]

  1. Robert Santelli: The Big Book Of Blues, p. 323–324

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