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Do you think it would be of some interest for visitors of this article to add (and translate!) this info:

External link[Weakln] 22:05, 30. Nov. 2009 (CET)

The regional anthem of the city of Nice may be found at this adress: Nissa la bella (sometimes written Niça la bèla), with lyrics, MIDI file, and score. This anthem was composed by François-Dominique Rondelly, also known as Menica Rondelly.

Greetings Nissart 22:50, 11. Aug. 2010 (CEST)

Thank you, Nissart! I'll think it over. Perhaps I'll even translate that anthem into Bavarian. By the way, the orthographical priciples of Standardized Occitan have greatly influenced the Bairische Buechspraach. --Hellsepp 19:24, 12. Aug. 2010 (CEST)