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Roman Polanski[Am Gwëntext werkeln]

(* 18. August 1933 in Paris ois Raymond Liebling) - jidisch-poinisch-franzesischa Fümregisseur, Draabuachautor, Fümproduzent und Schauspüla.

Zitat[Am Gwëntext werkeln]

Junge Madln fickn[Am Gwëntext werkeln]

  • "[...] waun i jemaund umbrocht häd, warad des fia de Presse ned so intressant gwen, vastähsd? Owa… Fickn, vastähsd, und de jungan Madln. Richta wuin junge Madln fickn. Gschwuarane wuin junge Madln fickn – jeda wü junge Madln fickn!"
    • Original: "[...] if I have killed somebody, it wouldn't have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… fucking, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to fuck young girls. Juries want to fuck young girls – everyone wants to fuck young girls!" - The Observer 6 December 2009. Uaspringlich easchiena im Buach "Visiting Mrs. Nabokov - And Other Excursions". Jonathan Cape, London 1993. S. 246)

Nazi-Vagaungenheid[Am Gwëntext werkeln]

  • "Berlin woa großoatig. Des is a neie Generation. Waunsd midn Hoss weidamochst, daun iwanimmst de söwe Wödaunschauung, de wos den Kriag augfaungt hod. Du muasst fiare schaun auf de Leid und de neie Zeit."
    • Original: "Berlin was great. It’s a new generation. If you continue to hate, you are entering into the same philosophy that began the war. You have to look forward at people and new times." - "The Pianist Interview" by Marilyn Cole Lownes

Glick und Zfriednheid[Am Gwëntext werkeln]

  • "Waun imma i glicklich bin, howi jedsmoi a Scheiß-Gfüh."
    • Original: "Whenever I get happy, I always have a terrible feeling." - The Cinema of Roman Polanski : Dark spaces of the World (2006) by John Orr and Elżbieta Ostrowska, S. 146

Weisheit[Am Gwëntext werkeln]

  • "I kaun nua song, wos imma mei Lem und bei Orwad gwen is, I bin ned neidich auf neamd - und des is mei gräßte Befriedigung."
    • Original: "I can only say that whatever my life and work have been, I'm not envious of anyone — and this is my biggest satisfaction." Aus: Polanski : His Life and Films (1982) by Barbara Leaming

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